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At the beginning of this century, we are facing a paradoxical historical moment that is marked by a crisis of change. Strict examination of the ideology inherited from the 19th century resulted in the fading of human trust in scientific positivism, the evolution of communism, and existentialism. Along with the emptiness and uncertainty of this century, Eastern culture began to experience drought of the feudal tradition and wavering of its ancient morality axiology. They began to awaken from the superstitious optimism of Marxism. Entering the era of modernization, spiritual awakening was apparently not ready to balance out the drastic rising of the economy. In addition, the democratization flow and the charm of Western technology to the intellectuals have added further complexity to the historical moment of this century.

Since the Enlightenment, Western theology has been contaminated by the spirit of humanism. They rejected the position of revelation and metaphysics, and submitted themselves to the reason and nature of the sinful human heart. Such belief shifted the focus of the Christian faith only to the moral example of Christ by forsaking His divinity. They also inherited a methodology based on historical evolution that confined themselves to relativism that led them to a dead end without the redeeming power of Christ. This situation further paralyzed Christianity to fend off the attacks and challenges of this world. Although the Evangelicals had once declared their allegiance and formed a movement that could not be ignored, it was soon dimmed by the superficial doctrine and sensational currents of the charismatic movement. This helplessness has increasingly become a global phenomenon at the end of the 20th century.

Observing all these phenomena, we are called to re-establish firm faith, faith that is rooted in God's revelation, theology and evangelism that is faithful to the Bible, and the spirit and the essence of orthodox apologetics to direct, lead and evaluate the culture. We cannot escape from this call.

Thus, we established the International Reformed Evangelical Seminary.