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Life on Campus


International Reformed Evangelical Seminary uses various learning methods such as classroom learning, library research, field research, discussions, tutorials, (assistance), personal and mass evangelism practices, counselling guidance, fellowship, retreat, sports and recreation. All student activities outside the campus must be known and permitted by the school.

Code of Conduct

All rules and regulations of the International Reformed Evangelical Seminary are formulated as an effort to develop students that are faithful in the ministry.

    For the first two years for B.Th program and the first year for M.Th program, the students are required to participate in church activities (at GRII PUSAT) such as: Saturday Morning Prayer Meeting, Sunday Service, and STEMI Prayer Meeting. After the first two years for B.Th program and the first year for M.Th program, the students then are required to partake in the weekend Ministry Practicum at the appointed church branches in Greater Jakarta.
  • Daily practice of Quiet Time, Prayer and Bible Reading.
  • Attend Morning Chapel at 9.30am every Monday to Thursday, and off-campus students are required to attend the chapel at least twice a week.
  • Required to join Cell Group (KTB) activities arranged by the Student Senate.
  • Partake in the off-campus ministry arranged by the International Reformed Evangelical Seminary.
  • Off-campus preaching ministry is only permitted a maximum of once a week, between Friday to Sunday, aside from that the school will ensure mutual balance for other students.
  • Off-campus ministry is not allowed if the time clashes with worship and lectures.
  • The exam schedule is determined by the lecturer concerned.
  • Students who arrive late will not be given extra time.
  • No borrowing or lending of any equipment during the exam.
  • For students who are unable to participate in the exam at the appointed time, please report to the relevant lecturer and the admin staff.
  • No cheating, no giving information to other students during the exam.

The library is open: Monday to Saturday, 08.00 – 22.00 Indonesian Western Time (WIB)

  • Book loan: 08.00 – 17.00 Indonesian Western Time (WIB)
  • Health protocols are to be maintained (wearing masks, physical distancing practices).
  • Three floors of the library are open to students (the maximum capacity and other arrangements will be announced later)
  • During the Pandemic, food is provided using disposable containers.
  • Meal schedule as stated


Dormitory is not only a place to stay, but also a place to study, socialize, adapt and serve one another. Unmarried students are required to live in the International Reformed Evangelical Seminary dormitory. Dormitory is also available for students who are married but whose families live outside Greater Jakarta.

Student Senate

Chairman : Jordan Frans Adrian
Vice-chairman Akwila
Sekretaris : Pranazabdian Waskito
Treasurer Jessica Handayani, Filbert Salomo
Worship Herwindo, Budianda Tioanda, Devi Magdalena Hutabarat, Joshua Xavier Josephus, Eirene Esipayona Br. Brahmana, Melina Dewi Murjadi
Operational Steve Christian Obadja & Gilbert Christian Wellie
Sosial media: Victor Hansen Kristanto
Acara: Lois Fendry, Alexander Aso, Dermiwati Lubis, Tiffany Alexandria


All students will be given the opportunity to undergo ministry practicum as a direct learning experience in the field. The aim is to understand the vision and comprehensiveness of the Reformed Evangelical Movement ministry, to learn the character and life of a servant of God, and to develop the fighting spirit of the prospective servant of God who recognizes the direction of the Reformed Evangelical Movement. Ministry practicum consist of two types: Firstly, weekend ministry practicum from Friday night to Sunday night for a certain period of time. Secondly, one-year ministry practicum.