International Reformed Evangelical Seminary

A Reformed Fortress with Evangelistic Zeal


International Reformed Evangelical Seminary has three levels of educational programs. All of which are designed to comply with the vision and mission of International Reformed Evangelical Seminary.

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About Us

We are called to re-establish firm faith, faith that is rooted in God's revelation, theology and evangelism that is faithful to the Bible, and the spirit and the essence of orthodox apologetics to direct, lead and evaluate the culture.

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Regarding registration, admission procedures, funding and scholarship policies.

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The Augustine’s Library of the International Reformed Evangelical Seminary has hundreds of thousands of books, theological journals, general journals, articles, essays, reviews in physical and electronic form

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The unconsciousness of the danger is a greater threat than the danger itself.


Stephen Tong
Founder & Honorary Chairman


Life on Campus

International Reformed Evangelical Seminary uses various learning methods such as classroom learning, library research, field research, discussions, tutorials, (assistance), personal and mass evangelism practices, counselling guidance, fellowship, retreat, sports and recreation.

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Seminar Publik

Prof. Peter A. Lillback, Ph.D

Kekeristenan dan Liberalisme

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STT Reformed Injili Internasional membuka Pendaftaran Mahasiswa Baru dalam 4 (empat) gelombang setiap tahunnya. Secara umum, prosedur penerimaan mahasiswa baru dapat ditempuh melalui beberapa tahap antara lain.

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Deadline for Document Collection:

TA 2024/2025
Phase I : 6 November 2023
Intake II : 2 Mei 2024
Intake III : 3 Juni 2024
Intake IV : 1 Juli 2024


The International Reformed Evangelical Seminary (formerly the Reformed Institute) started as a movement led by the Holy Spirit when Rev. Dr. Stephen Tong was on a flight from America to Singapore in 1995.


Memorandum of Understanding